Wedding Styling

Double-duty Décor

I have heard many brides and grooms say they have a very small budget for their wedding and they can be great at sourcing low-cost versions of luxury products, perfect for a wedding celebration. Unfortunately, even the little things can start adding up- especially when you have to multiply the cost by each guest! Here are five tips in getting some of your wedding expenses to do double-duty on your wedding day. So even if you have to multiply your costs by one hundred, at least you can divide them again by two!

  1. Stick the menu or table numbers on personalised wine bottles. If you don’t want to DIY there are quite a few online business where you can design your own label and they will send you the wine with the labels all ready for your wedding.
  2. Wedding favours can double as escort cards. Arrange them in a way that complements the rest of your décor and make them a feature of your reception styling.
  3. Decorate your reception tables with edible centrepieces. A gorgeous fruit and cheese platter, or a pretty dessert creation will feed your guests and pretty-up the table.
  4. Place small wedding cakes on each table as a yummy centrepiece. You can visit each table and ‘cut the cake’ more than once. At many weddings I’ve attended as a guest, it can be hard to see the cake-cutting from where I’ve been sitting. Cutting the cake with each table will make a special moment of your wedding day more intimate and something you can share with everyone.
  5. Give guests personalised glasses for drinking during the reception- and to keep as a wedding favour. This is especially good if you’re arranging the catering yourself. It could also reduce hire costs- and washing-up!

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